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Apr. 5, 2017

TOPIC: Advocacy

NORD Rare Action Network℠ Releases Spring 2017 State Policy Legislative Tracker

Posted by Jennifer Huron

NORD is pleased to share the Rare Action Network’s Spring 2017 State Policy Legislative Tracker.  This document shows, state-by-state, which legislation we are tracking to help improve the lives of people and families with rare diseases.  Together, we are taking action in 42 states and the District of Columbia – up from 30 states and D.C. at the end of last quarter.  Let’s keep going – together, we are strong!  

For questions related to these bills, or regarding other pieces of legislation that are not featured in the Spring 2017 tracker, contact

Sign Up: Join the Action

If you have not already done so, be sure to become a member of the Rare Action Network by joining today.  By signing up to become a member, you will receive NORD’s Advocacy Alerts and information about ways to get involved in your state.


Learn more about the Rare Action Network by visiting


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